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on June 1, 2016
It’s June… school is almost over and summer weather is approaching quickly. This month’s promotional products are to help keep you moving and grooving through the next few weeks of field trips, class parties and graduations!
These are for standard/quick orders and Essential Reward orders for both wholesale members and retail customers! And once again, there’s a BONUS oil for Essential Rewards participants. Woo hoo!
So here’s what you get for June orders that meet the following minimums. Remember, orders may not be combined, you must meet the minimum in one single order.
Order 190 PV, you will receive
  • 15ml Abundance
  • 5ml Joy
  • 5ml AromaEase (Essential Rewards participants BONUS oil)
  • Retail Value: $118.08
Order 250 PV, you will receive
  • 20 ER Points (In addition to what you already earn)
  • 15ml Abundance
  • 5ml Joy
  • 5ml AromaEase (Essential Rewards participants BONUS oil)
  • Retail Value: $144.40
Order 300 PV, you will receive
  • MindWise 16 oz.
  • 20 Essential Rewards Points
  • 15ml Abundance
  • 5ml Joy
  • 5ml AromaEase (Essential Rewards participants BONUS oil)
  • Retail Value: $190.47
REMINDER: The extra BONUS OIL is only for those who place their orders through Essential Rewards. Plus there are some amazing ER Kits at an additional discount available also. So if you are not on ER and just want to join to earn some extra freebies for the next few months, this is the time to do it! (See below or post a question here in the group for more info on ER)
Let’s talk about the oils/products
  • Joy: Helps with emotional balance and is uplifting. May also promote a romantic atmosphere. 😉
  • Abundance: Energizing, emotional support and attracts an attitude for prosperity.
  • 20 ER Points: If you currently are an ER participant, these are extra points you will receive with your order. Non-ER participants, lately YL has been giving you the ER points to you to use. If this is being offered to you, you will see the balance on the top left of your dashboard showing 20.0 points on or around June 20th. You will be able to use them at that time.
  • MindWise: Supports normal brain function, normal cognition (process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses) and supports normal heart health and cardiovascular function. So in layman terms, it supports your brain, memory and your heart.
  • BONUS OIL – AromaEase: Similar to DiGize or TummyGize, but it’s more for the overall physical aspect rather than just the digestion. For instance, car, motion and morning sickness has to do with equilibrium more than just an upset stomach. This is where AromaEase takes over! It has a light aroma that calms the senses and brings back balance.
For more help with how to apply/use any of the products in this month’s promo, head over to our online learning groups to ask your questions. If you are not a member, but would like to join, click HERE for membership info and to become a member today.
Bonus oil for Essential Rewards participants, what is that?
It’s an optional monthly rewards program where you get to place a minimum of 50PV a month and your earn points back on the order. If you want a increase your oil supply little by little each month, this is a great program to do that with. To read more about Essential Rewards, click HERE.

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