Welcome – Your Wholesale Membership

You are now able to log into your Young Living account and order whatever you want, whenever you want at wholesale price. To login, go to https://www.youngliving.com/vo/#/login. Be sure to add this to your bookmarks so you can easily return to the login page as needed. You will need your login name & password (you created these during sign-up) to login. If you forgot that information, it’s ok. Head over to the Customer Service section for information on how to retrieve that info.

Wholesale Member

As a Young Living Wholesale Member. you are NOT required to place orders monthly. Nor is there a minimum order requirement. You are only required to buy 50PV (about $50) a year to continue receiving your wholesale member benefits. This amount is accumulative, which means you may buy 20PV next month and 10PV in two more months. Once you hit the minimum 50PV within any 12 month period, your account will automatically roll over for another year. Because we know you will LOVE all that Young Living has to offer beyond just oils, getting that 50PV is going to be a piece of cake!

That starter kit was a great deal, right? Did you want to buy another one? You can do that! You may buy yourself another starter kit whenever you would like. Just click on Quick Order and then go to the Starter Kit category, you’ll see the options there. But please note that during certain seasons or high peaks in sales, YL may limit the amount of kits we may purchase. This is because they want to be able to send out kits to their newest members first in a timely manner.

As a wholesale member, you do have the opportunity to earn commissions. But, you are NOT required to share, sell or tell anyone about Young Living if you don’t want to. But if your friends and family would like to create their own Young Living account, you may earn some extra cash. When that comes up, you will then want to decide what you would like to do. And we are here to help with that decision WITHOUT any pressure. We just want to make sure you know the options before making your decision.  No matter what you choose, please contact your enroller before having anyone create an account using you as their sponsor/enroller. That way we can give you the info needed so you can make your decision on what is best for you. If/when you choose to pursue the business side, we will add you into our business group. Contact your enroller (person who helped you create your account) if you need info on that.

We are always here for you to answer your questions. You’ll be hearing more about resources in next section.

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