Don’t let the name confuse you, it’s just your online account with Young Living. They call it the Virtual Office. You’ll see/hear us call it the “VO.”

This is where you will place your orders, add/update account info such as your address, email, credit card info, etc.

To log into your account, you always go to You will see the sign in boxes on the left side of the page as seen below. You will need the username you created and your password. You may also use your member number if needed. If you forgot your password, just click “Need sign in help?” and then type in your email address. Young Living will help you out. And if you can’t remember the email address you used, contact your enroller (the person you introduced Young Living to you). They will be able to get your info for you.


Upon logging in, you will see your Dashboard as seen below. Most of the info below you will not need to worry about. First and foremost, don’t worry about seeing that word “Distributor” there. You are NOT automatically doing the business end of Young Living when you create a wholesale account. So just ignore that.

Here’s a brief summary of what the submenus on the left. We will get into further detail later. Some are for business members, you can check them out, but if you have questions, please contact your enroller.

  • Dashboard: What you see when you log in. A quick look at your monthly order total (Essential Rewards) what you may have in your cart (Quick Order), your Essential Rewards points balance and any credits you may have on your account. OGV, PV & PGV are only important to business members. So just ignore those too.
  • Member News: Blog posts, promotions and other info and some opportunities to help or learn.
  • Essential Rewards: Optional autoship rewards program for Wholesale Members.
  • Quick Order: This is where you will place all of your product orders. Any items in your cart without checking out, will stay there until our remove them.
  • My Organization: Business members use this for the strategy and team building.
  • Member Resources: Policies & Procedures, YL University (learning), product education, events & online catalog. Boost & Link Builder are for business members.
  • Message Center: For business members.
  • My Account: Update your profile, check your order history, update your address book, you wallet (payment methods) & preferences. Commissions, Voucher History & MyYL Website is for business members.

There are three tabs on top of the dashboard (above the left image). Rank Qualification is for business members. But we highly suggest you check out Getting Started. Why? Because it gives you the basics of Young Living and how to get started (as seen below). As you go through each one, they will get checked off.

What about the menu on top of the page? What is all that stuff?

So here’s a quick review on what you see on the top of the page:

Very top, left to right:

  • Market/Language chosen: This image shows the american flag for USA and EN for English.
  • Live Help: Online chat. Available Monday–Saturday: 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. MST and on Sunday: 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. MST. You will need your member number and pin number whenever you contact YL for support. Ask about order status, out of stock products, shipping status, order errors, etc. Detailed product info may or may not be available. We suggest you ask in our member group Droplets.
  • Your Name: With quick links to log out or go to your profile.
  • Envelope: Takes you to the Message Center. Do not suggest using this if needing to contact your enroller.
  • Cart View: If anything is in your Quick Order cart, the number will show there.

Menus below that, left to right:

  • Essential Oils: This offers a few submenus sharing Seed to Seal, the YL difference, about essential oils, a guide and safety info.
  • Products: The entire product line, you can search or use the categories given.
  • Farms: Learn about global farms and upcoming events.
  • Member Benefits: From essential rewards to lots of business opportunity info.
  • Company: About Young Living, events, media, ambassadors, partnerships, blog and contact info.
  • Virtual Office: You know that one. 😉

Ok, so that’s our Virtual Office overview. Did we miss anything? Go ahead and start exploring the Virtual Office. There’s so much to see, watch and read there. Again, if we missed something important or if you have any questions you can ask your enroller or post in our member group Droplets. We are all here to help you!

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