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If you are a wholesale member and are considering switching out current unhealthy products with YL products, you may want to consider Essential Rewards. This is an optional rewards program and perfect to join if you find yourself buying monthly orders in excess of $50. One of the benefits of Essential Rewards is that you get a discounted shipping rate. Hey, every little bit helps. You are also able to earn “credits” for free oils.

How does that work?

Well, this is based off your PV. So, let’s say you have a 100PV Essential Rewards order. You will earn 10% off that…$10 in free oils. You can use that whenever. I am just letting mine pile up.

This percentage increases with time…

  • 1-3 months = 10%
  • 4-24 months = 20%
  • 25+ months = 25%

Free Gifts

Here’s something new that Young Living is doing to show their appreciation to everyone for being part of Essential Rewards: they’re giving us gifts! At different milestones, Young Living will send you a gift just for being continuously enrolled in Essential Rewards. We don’t know what the gifts are (except for one, which I’ll get to), but knowing Young Living they’ll be pretty great. Here’s how the ER Gifts timetable works:

  • After 3 consecutive months, Young Living will send you a 5 ml Peppermint Vitality.
  • After 6 consecutive months, Young Living will send you a 5 ml Thieves.
  • After 9 consecutive months, Young Living will send you a 10 ml Breathe Again Roll-On.
  • After 12 consecutive months, Young Living is going to send you an exclusive Loyalty blend that’s only available through consistent participation in this program. It doesn’t end there either….every 12 months after that you’ll receive the exclusive Loyalty blend again, and this will continue every year on the anniversary of you first getting that exclusive loyalty blend!

How great is that? Not only do we get higher percentages earned through this enhanced ER program, but we get gifts too! Who doesn’t love gifts? This is AMAZING. Your order can be WAY over 100 PV if you would like…the larger the order, the more you earn. This is where I will put my orders from my friends…(I choose to offer my wholesale discount to my friends). I don’t make cash, but I do make the percentage in free oils.Another perk for ER orders is they offer different sets called Essential Reward Kits as well as an additional free bonus oil for the monthly promos. The ER Kits have “extra” discounts. Go to OPPORTUNITY category to view them.

You can change your products you want each month. Whatever you order one month, it will stay on to AUTOSHIP for the next month UNLESS you go in and change it. Don’t forget to do that if you want different items. You can change the order as many times as you want out to about 10pm PST on the day the order is set to process.Every month YL has a PROMO. If you reach a certain PV you get something free. Usually the minimum is 190 for the first level of promos. You can only receive ONE promo per order, no matter how much your ER order is.


Let’s talk about setting up ER

Log into your Virtual Office account and click on ESSENTIAL REWARDS (on the left side menu)


First you will add into your order any products you would like. Your PV total must be at least 50PV. You can see your order PV & dollar totals on the bottom of the screen as you adjust your order. Once you are done adding to you order, click SAVE MONTHLY ORDER.

Verify your shipping address and choose the shipping method. This is directly below the calendar date icon. “YL Choice” means whichever carrier (UPS/FedEx/ USPS, etc.) picks it up first, will take it. YL Choice has the lowest option of $6.99. “Federal Express is guaranteed FedEx shipping. Their lowest option is $7.99. Shipping costs may vary depending on the weight of your order. For instance, NingXia Red bottles are heavy, meaning the shipping cost for some of the faster options will be higher. Click NEXT STEP when you are done.

Now it’s time to choose your processing date. Two calendars will be shown. The left is the current month and the right is the next month. Available processing dates are shown in white. The current dates ill be in green. The date you choose will be teal (blue). *NOTE: Signing up for ER later in the month may cause a limited amount of dates in the current month or none at all. You may have to choose a date in the next month to begin. Once you have chosen your start date, click NEXT.

Last step is to choose your payment method. You may choose a card you already have on file or add a new payment option. If you want to use PayPal, you will need to click ADD A NEW PAYMENT OPTION and then click on the yellow PayPal button. From there, you will log into your PayPal account. Once you are done setting up the PayPal payment, you will be sent back to the site to finish. If choosing a card, you may choose a card you have on file or add a new card. Once you choose and confirm, that card will be added to the list below. You may add a back up card if you wish. When you are done, click SAVE CHANGES.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are all done!

PV Assistant

You may want to then go to the PV Assistant (on the left, under Essential Rewards). This is to help keep your ER order at the minimum just in case items go out of stock. It’s free of course and all you are doing is adding products to a list that YL will pull from to help you meet your set up minimum if a product goes out of stock.

Got more questions?

Head over to All About Essential Rewards File HERE in the Droplets group.

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