Welcome – Customer Service

When you need help, who you gonna call? Well, probably not Ghostbusters for your oily needs.

You’ll want to contact: You’re enroller (the person who shared Young Living with you) – OR – Young Living Customer Service

Here’s the info you will want to keep on hand. So write it down on a post it or save it on your phone or computer…


Your information to ALWAYS know:

  • Member Number: Can be found in the welcome email sent you by Young Living when you created your account OR under My Profile in your Virtual Office.
  • Email Address: If you have multiple addresses, make sure to remember which one you used for your account.
  • PIN/Security Code: You created a four (4) digit pin code when you created your account. Young Living uses this PIN to verify your account for security reasons. Don’t worry, if you forget your PIN, they will verify your account another way. When you do that, make sure you ask them for your PIN once you’ve been verified. Then write that down.


Your enroller’s info you will want to know. They are your go-to for fast info, first. Note that you may need to ask them for this info in case you didn’t already have it:

  • First & Last Name (as shown on their YL account)
  • Member Number
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Social Media contact info (Facebook, Instagram, etc)


Young Living’s Contact Information (remember, you will need to provide your first & last name, member number & PIN when contacting YL)

YL #1572732