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on April 24, 2017

Lavender and Stress Away Bath Bombs

Create a spa-like experience at home with our new Lavender Calming Bath Bombs & Stress Away Relaxing Bath Bombs. Slip into a luxurious bath enhanced with the fizzy fun of these mineral-rich bath bombs. They’re made with essential oils and naturally derived ingredients to create a relaxing environment and leave your skin soft and smooth.

Order your Bath Bombs today to see how they can upgrade your tub time!

Stress Away Relaxing Bath Bombs (4 bombs in a bag)

  • Item #: 20674
  • Retail: $33.88
  • Wholesale: $25.75


Lavender Calming Bath Bombs (4 bombs in a bag)

  • Item #20671
  • Retail: $33.88
  • Wholesale: $25.75


Coconut-Lime Replenishing Body Butter

New Coconut-Lime Replenishing Body Butter is here just in time for summer! Nourish heels, elbows, and your entire body with its naturally derived ingredients and warm, tropical scent. Its ultra-moisturizing formula uses mango butter and cupuaçu butter, while a blend of coconut oil and citrus essential oils creates an exotic aroma that is perfect for summer!

  • Item #20225
  • Retail: $42.43 
  • Wholesale: $32.25

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