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on July 1, 2017
Hello June! For many of us, school is out and summer break has begun. Are you getting away this summer? Whether enjoying the sites in your area, hitting the road or getting on a plane to somewhere new, this month’s promotional products are perfect for travel as well as staying ahead during these summer months.
These are for standard/quick orders and Essential Reward orders for both wholesale members and retail customers!
There’s a BONUS oil for Essential Rewards participants, actually there are TWO bonus oils. If you order 100PV as an ER participant, you will always get a free oil. This month, the oil is a 5ml bottle of Lavender Vitality. As an extra bonus for being an ER participant, at 190PV, you get both Lavender Vitality and a 15ml bottle of Thieves.

Here’s what you get for July orders that meet the following PV minimums. Remember, orders may not be combined, you must meet the minimum in one single order.

Order 100 PV, you will receive
  • 5ml Lavender Vitality (Essential Rewards participants BONUS oil)
  • Retail Value: $15.46
Order 190 PV, you will receive
  • 15ml Fennel
  • 15ml Thieves (Essential Rewards participants BONUS oil)
  • 5ml Lavender Vitality (Essential Rewards participants BONUS oil)
  • Retail Value: $82.57
Order 250 PV, you will receive
Order 300 PV, you will receive

Are you a member or customer under the Drops of Zeal team? You can read more about the promo products and get a few recipes in our Droplets Facebook group now! Also be sure to check out the newsletter (email) for more recipes and info.

What is BONUS oil for ER Participants about?

The extra BONUS oil is only for those who place their orders through the Essential Rewards program. So if you are not on ER and just want to join to earn some extra freebies for the next few months, this is the time to do it! FYI: There are some amazing ER Kits at an additional discount available also when you are a part of ER. (See below or post here in our member group with questions about ER)

What is Essential Rewards?

It’s an optional monthly rewards program where you get to place a minimum of 50PV a month and your earn points back on the order. These points may then be redeemed for free products. If you want a increase your oil supply little by little each month, this is a great program to do that with. To read more about Essential Rewards, click HERE.

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