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on June 3, 2016

iTOVi is the best resource for biofeedback on your body. It is based on frequency, biofeedback, and bioimpedance. To understand those three concepts check out this post by Jen O’Sullivan HERE.

Here is how iTOVi describes what they do: “The iTOVi Nutrition Tracker is a revolutionary, integrated system that incorporates advanced hardware, data science, API partners, and engaging applications. Through an in-depth analysis, iTOVi is able to intelligently understand you, helping you make better choices to achieve your personal wellness goals. Using its advanced sensors and sophisticated algorithms, over time the iTOVi Nutrition Tracker collects and crunches your information. As past scores and data build, iTOVi’s proprietary systems get to know you. Customized results are then relayed to you in the form of easy to understand nutrition reports. Your nutrition. Personalized.”

A few our team members offer iTovi scans. As more members begin to offer this service, we will update this page. But you can also find which of our members offers iTOVi scans by viewing our Team Members page and looking for the iTOVi badge shown below. badge-itovi

Traveling to you may be possible if you are not in a member’s direct area. Please contact these members using their team member page contact form. Please note that these scans will result in Young Living product recommendations only.

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