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on December 8, 2016

15439860_10154506628863859_6295624487872490931_nThis was launched at the European Convention this year and they have brought it to the U.S!

Hydration is a cornerstone of any healthy diet, and it’s critical to healthy bones, teeth, and organs. Optimize your daily eight glasses with HydroGize™, our hydrogen water bottle. Hydrogen changes the pH level of water to make it more alkaline, so you get all the benefits of proper hydration infused with the power of hydrogen! Since HydroGize utilizes an electrolysis method, it ensures optimum hydrogenation output in every bottle. (There are lots of articles on PubMed about the benefits of hydrogenated water.)

This 15-fluid-ounce bottle is an easy way to enhance your H₂O on the go. This portable hydrogen generator is equipped with multiple timer settings for custom generating, so it’s easier than ever to get hydrogen-rich water wherever you are. You never have to worry about the battery, thanks to its 180 minutes of run time for a single charge via USB recharging. Plus, this hydrogen water bottle features a lavender LED light, so it’s easy to make this statement accessory a signature part of your personal style! There are 2 time settings – 1 minute and 3 minutes.

The bottle is made of UPGRADED high-end Tritan plastic. BPA has never been an ingredient or byproduct of the production of Tritan. Also, it uses a titanium plate instead of a stainless steel or aluminum plate, another UPGRADE. Components that hydrogenate the water are not cheap material so they can withstand the usage we anticipate from our members. NO other hydro bottle on the market will accept YLEOs. When Young Living looked for a manufacturer they said it does not exist. EOs would destroy their motor, the inner workings. *Do not let the oil hydro water stay in the container too long to promote longevity of the bottle.

HydroGize Water Bottle – Purple – EN

  • Item #5777 OR #5775
  • Retail: $460.53 USD
  • Wholesale: $350.00 USD
  • PV 105
  • You can add the bottle to your ER but you can’t use ER points to get it.

How to use: Plug the HydroGize into a power source using the USB connector. Fully charge the battery. Add drinking water to the bottle and set the hydrogen generator to the desired timer setting. Do not shake while the generator runs. Instead, let it sit during hydrogen generation. After the cycle has finished, wait 10 minutes. When using Vitality™ essential oils with HydroGize, be sure to thoroughly clean the device immediately following use to properly maintain the unit. Please note that adding oils may decrease hydrogen production. For ease of maintenance, move oil-enriched hydrogen water to a separate container if not consumed immediately.



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