12 Sprays of Christmas

Many products are available on the market that help with home fragrance. However, many of the scented candles, plug-ins and other odor masking sprays products can be toxic and harmful to your health due to chemicals and artificial scents.

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Save money, reduce the chemical load in your home and have fun making your own holiday air fresheners with your essential oils! Made with several beneficial ingredients, these natural air fresheners will be sure to provide the perfect holiday scent while keeping your home chemical-free.

***You are welcome to invite freinds, but please note that I only have enough for 10 people. Please pay the fee ASAP so I can save your seat.***

Class Fee (for labels/bottles): $15.00

You may mail a check or drop off a check or cash. You may also send via PayPal to renee@dropsofzeal.com. Please use the Friends & Family option so there are no fees incurred.

For more info, oils needed, etc., send an email to: renee@dropsofzeal.com


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Date: 12/17/2017
Time: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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Renee Giugliano

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