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on July 1, 2016

New ERYoung Living is making some awesome changes within the next few months. In September, a new and improved Essential Rewards program will go into effect. Here’s what the new program looks like:

New ER program, earn:

  • 10% back in months 1-3 of ER.
  • 20% back in months 4-24.
  • 25% back in months 25+.
  • Receive gifts at months 3, 6, 9, and a special gift at month 12, an exclusive blend called Loyalty.

As mentioned above, this updated ER program begins September 1st. Every existing member and every new member will begin at month 0 and will start the qualification process for their bonus gifts immediately upon implementation of the new program.

Existing members will be rewarded on their percentage points based on how many consecutive ER orders have been processed up to the point of implementation of the enhancements. I.E. If a member has been on ER for 18 consecutive months, they will start at the 20%. If they have been on ER for 30 consecutive months they will be at 25%. Here are some examples on how that looks.

Example 1:

  • On September 1, I will have been in ER for 18 months. I will continue to earn ER points at 20%, but will also now get gifts — starting in December (3 months from September), March 2017 (6 months from Sept), June 2017, and September 2017.

Example 2:

  • Susie signed up for ER in May 2016 and has been earning 10%. Under the current ER program, she would move up to 15% back in November and she would get to 20% back in May of 2017. But Susie just hit the jackpot with this new ER program that starts September 1. Instead of waiting so long to increase her percentage up from 10%, starting in September, she will earn 20% back. Woot! Her gifts will start in December, as outlined in Example 1.

And to make the deal even sweeter…

BouncebackPromo_VOMemberNews_US-03If you have never enrolled in Essential Rewards, this is the month to do it. Because they are giving extra freebies to first time enrollees! This July get a free 5-ml bottle of Grapefruit Vitality dietary oil and a free 5-ml bottle of Tangerine topical/aromatic essential oil when you sign up for your first ever Essential Rewards and set your ER order to at least 100 PV. These bright oils are the perfect start to your summer schedule, and you’re sure to find plenty of ways to use them all season long!

Get more perks when you participate in our other promos as well. Hit 190, 250, or 300 PV in July’s PV promo and get even more free products inspired by the season’s lavender harvest. You can also take part in the July Voucher promo. Simply place an order worth at least 250 PV and get a voucher worth $20 off to give to a new enrollee toward his or her first Premium Starter Kit. Combine all these exciting promos and it adds to some serious extras for your oil-infused life!

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