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on July 22, 2016

Back in 2014, Young Living gave us a new and improved Virtual Office (VO)! The new look and ease of navigation was welcome with excitement. The original version called the “Classic Virtual Office” has been available to all members since then, but all new members are automatically taken to the current, new version.

If you are still using the Classic VO, you will need to switch (or as YL calls it: migrate) over as soon as possible. Young Living will be removing access to the Classic VO on July 27th. So if you are on the old Virtual Office, you’ll want to switch now, because it is going away on the 27th.

Here’s the email from Young Living:

“Classic Virtual Office will be discontinued on July 27

Effective Wednesday, July 27, we’ll officially discontinue Classic Virtual Office. After July 27, the New Virtual Office will be your all-access resource for getting work done. Ordering, Downline Viewer, Member Resources, News, Essential Rewards, and so many other great resources will be available at the new, full-service Virtual Office.

Upon logging in to Classic Virtual Office, you’ll be directed to the New Virtual Office to log in or migrate. We suggest that you change bookmarks to the New Virtual Office login page. If you’re already using New Virtual Office, you’re already set and don’t need to do anything!

If you have questions about making the switch, please contact Member Services. We hope that you enjoy all the resources that the New Virtual Office has to offer!”

How do you know which one you use?

It’s easy actually. The Classic VO logs in at youngliving.ORG and the new VO logs in at youngliving.COM. If you joined Young Living after 2014, you are in the NEW VO. But just in case, below is a screenshot of how the login site looks for the Classic VO. If you login using the site below, you need to switch over.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 8.25.32 AM

I tried to log into the Classic VO this morning and received the message shown below. So most likely, when you log in, you will see it too.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 8.26.05 AM

It’s very easy to switch over. You will need your member #/login username and password. You may have to create a new password, so be sure to read everything as you go along. Here’s a little video to help you.


If you still need help and are a member under our Drops of Zeal team, we will gladly assist you with the switch. Just post in our Droplets member group and we will guide you step by step as needed.


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