About Drops of Zeal

We are Zealots. We are Lemon Droppers!

Established in 2014, we are a small team that originates in Oak Harbor, WA. But we have members all over the country. Although our small team is called Drops of Zeal, we are proud to be a part of a much larger team called The Lemon Droppers. The Lemon Dropper team was established in 2013. In that time, we have changed how people view and think about essential oils, putting a unique twist on how Young Living’s products are presented.

When you sign up under a Drops of Zeal member, you will receive:

  • One-on-one support, whether online, on the phone or in-person.
  • Support for account and/or product questions and needs.
  • Online classes for seasonal uses, DIY projects and additional product line education. Our Events page will have this info available.
  • In-person “Make & Take” classes so you can see how easy it is to use Young Living’s products to make all-natural & effective homemade items. Our Events page will have this info available.
  • Oil-learning Facebook groups where you can ask questions, search and share.
  • Account Help group to keep you up-to-date with new site features, how-to’s, new products, back in stock updates & promotions.
  • Business group and class for all wholesale members who desire to learn about the business end of Young Living.
About Drops of Zeal

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